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We've developed the best WordPress migration plugin, to help you take the hassle out of safely and securely transferring your files between servers. Transferito makes it easier than ever to migrate large WordPress sites.
Transferito is a cloud based WordPress migration plugin. Our WP transfer technology allows you to migrate small, medium and large WordPress sites at the click of a button. Transferito is the brain child of a group of WordPress experts, who wanted to create a WordPress migrate plugin that provides an easier and simpler way to migrate WordPress websites.

Make The Smart Decision for your WordPress Migration Tool

Transferito: an all-in-one WP migration solution for your business to safeguard against potential downtime, which could result in customer loss, reputation damage, and potential Google penalties. Enjoy a user-friendly, reliable, and efficient migration process while ensuring data integrity, minimal downtime, and exceptional customer support.

Why Choose Us For Your WordPress Transfer?

Innovative features and secure technology
We understand the importance of security. With our WP Migration Plugin, you can be confident that your transferred data is safe through cutting-edge security measures. Our platform employs advanced technology to protect your data, and we follow strict regulatory standards to ensure a secure environment for all users. Migrate your entire WordPress website, including themes, plugins, media files, and databases, without technical expertise and complex manual procedures.
Reliable service
Time is of the essence when it comes using a WordPress migrate plugin to migrate your WordPress site. We prioritize speed and efficiency in our services and offer you to migrate your site in minimal time. Transferito uses advanced technology and a robust infrastructure to ensure that your migrations are processed swiftly. With Transferito, you can enjoy a user-friendly interface and industry leading features!
Fail-safe backups with Rapid Recovery
Transferito's migrate WordPress plugin provides advanced solutions for protecting critical data and resuming operations with minimal disruption. We understand that downtime can result in financial losses and damage a business's reputation. With our up-to-date backups, you can restore systems, applications, and data, minimizing the impact on productivity and customer service.
Best Pricing
We aim to provide a simple and convenient pricing model to ensure you get access to all the essential features and functionalities without breaking the bank. Choose your price plan, upgrade to premium, or cancel anytime: we offer the flexibility to select the plan that best suits your specific needs and budget. We clearly outline our pricing structure, making it easy for users to understand and compare different programs.
World Class Expert Support & Guidance
Migrating a website can be stressful, particularly for those without extensive technical knowledge. With Transferito, you can get the best all-in-one WP migration solutions and support you need. Should you need help our experienced team will provide timely assistance during the migration process. Get clarification on migration-related concerns, and be confident that your website migration is in capable hands.
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