Frequently Asked Questions
Got a question about how our suite of migration tools work? We've created a comprehensive list of the common questions we've been asked.
Are my credentials safe and secure?

Yes, we use the latest encryption to secure all of our data. We only temporarily store your credentials in our system. So unless you've selected the option to save your credentials. As soon as your transfer has been completed, your details are permanently removed from our system.

What happens to my files and database?

We never store your files and database unless we ask for your permission to do so. Just like your credentials, once your transfer is completed. Your files and database are permanently removed from our system.

How long does a migration take?

We currently have a 15MB full wordpress installation taking just under 30 seconds. Although the time it takes for a migration can vary depending on a number of factors. Which could be your connection speed, the size your wordpress installation or the load on our servers.

Does anyone look at my credentials?

No they don't. We have used a secure method to store your credentials, so that only you can see them.

Is there a WordPress plugin?

Yes we currently have an official WordPress plugin. Transferito - Official WordPress plugin

What is the desktop application?

We've created a desktop application that makes it quicker than ever to pull a site from the cloud into your local development environment or push your local development environment up to the cloud. Without using a WordPress plugin or using our web interface.

What is a local to server transfer?

This is the process of transferring a WordPress installation from your local development environment to a production server. So that it is publicly accessible.

What is a server to server transfer?

This is the process of transferring a live WordPress website such as to With our server to server transfer we are able to do this, directly from within our web interface. Without installing any additional software or plugins.

What is a server to local transfer?

This process allows you to download a full WordPress installation from a live publicly accessible website and install it in your local development environment.

What's the maximum WordPress size you can transfer?

The largest site we've transferred to date is a 25GB WordPress installation. We are yet to test any installations that are larger than that.

Does transferito work with every host?

As long as you have FTP access, transferito will work for you.